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Waverunner Dolphin Tours Destin, FL

Everyday is SUNday FUNday with Dolphins!

Guided Dolphin Tour on
Waverunners / Jet Skis

Dolphin Tours Destin Florida
You'll be in for an extraordinary treat when you embark on a guided dolphin tour with Gilligan's here in sunny Destin, FL.   Dolphin encounters are simply electrifying!  Keep in mind that when your view of the dolphins is from the seat of a waverunner, you've got front row seats to some of the most friendly and playful sea creatures; it's like real life Flipper!  It's important not to frighten the dolphins by trying to get too close when you spot them.  If you're patient and the dolphin is feeling courageous that day they will likely swim right up to you!  Please remember not to share your snacks with them, their diets are very specific and human snacks are not on their menu.  Be sure to book a tour with us so we can share this incredible experience with you.  It is one you will never forget!
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Things to Know About
Waverunner Dolphin Tours

We have daily guided dolphin tours on waverunners / jet skis. These are daily tours from 9AM to 11AM. This is a very popular tour.  Each waverunner seats up to 2 people but cannot exceed total weight of 400 lbs.  We suggest no riders under 4 years old.  All drivers must have a photo ID and major credit card.
We have been doing this for years and are very successful at finding dolphins but we cannot guarantee that we will find them everytime.  You may not feed and/or approach dolphins in the water.
Advanced reservations are required so we know how many guides to schedule.
We have a 24 hour cancellation policy or you will be charged the full amount.


Send us an email and we’ll get back to you asap: [email protected]
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